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Passionate people are the lifeblood of Connected Learning. The movement is built by, and depends on, their efforts to create a new educational model, one that works for our times. Whether you are an educator, parent, donor or learner, there’s a way for you to get involved. Find out how.

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john vail – Education Reform

It is interesting to watch the transformation of how we educate. Technology is facilitating digital inclusion – Including oneself in the conversations expressed through social media that builds up social capital.

The negative impact learners might experience from not insinuating themselves into digital conversations might not be as readily apparent as if they did not have access to technology and/or the Internet, or if they are not digitally literate. Not having access or being digitally competent has immediate and apparent effects and consequences whereas not participating in the various forms of social media will be detrimental to learners, but in a less immediately identifiable manner. Becoming digitally inclusive is one of the foundations of being a lifelong learner, helping one meet and overcome life’s challenges. Not being digitally inclusive will hamper one’s ability to fully utilize Information and Communication Technologies as a way to assist them in achieving personal empowerment, which in turn will bring about an improvement in their quality of life.

Annabelle Howard – Technology & Learning

WANTED: 4th grade beta testers

I'm creating an app that teaches vocabulary across the curriculum based on popular research from a book called BRINGING WORDS TO LIFE. It will be useful for others — not in 4th grade — ESL, for example. Do please sign up for free and allow your students and children to use it. We'll publish student writing using these words on the site. There are scoreboards to motivate. Students can repeat the teaching quizzes. Students can collaborate while playing. It's about reading around important words: everyday words, academic words, and domain-specific words.
Please SHARE :D

Big Deal Media – Technology & Learning

Looking for the best teaching and learning tools? Check out the Big Deal Books of Technology for K–12 Educators!

Steven Henry – Introduce Yourself

There are more outdoor activities for kids to keep entertain, but now the time I think these activities are failed due to the busy schedule of kids and parents concerning about kids safety. Now the time of the internet. All are liked to visit online portals for entertainment and everything. There are more portals for games, activity and much more. But art is the platform where kids can entertain as well as learn more things i.e. self-decision, memory power development, etc. Jincky is the one of such arts and crafts app, where kids can join at any time and share their ideas, creativity with others & groups. Read More

Dewayne Dickens – Introduce Yourself

Hello, I’m Dewayne Dickens, and I am Developmental English Associate Professor and instructor coordinator for the Communications Division of Tulsa Community College, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the USA.  My Ph.D. is in Curriculum and Social Foundations (English emphasis) from Oklahoma State University with a dissertation focus on college persistence for African American males.  My passion is helping Oklahoma and national educators prepare students for college-level thinking and writing, along with his community college work as a student organization adviser, learning assessment and student success committee leader, and a faculty professional development provider.