September 12, 2022

Harnessing Video Games to Cultivate Social and Emotional Learning

In the book, How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design, scholar Katherine Isbister observed that because of player agency, “games have an additional palette of social emotions at their disposal.” Suppose a student reads Victor Hugo’s classic Les Misérables. Through a process known as theory of mind, readers may empathize with protagonist Jean Valjean and… Read more »

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Catch What You Missed, Get Inspired, and Dive Into Connected Learning Projects with Videos from the 2022 Connected Learning Summit

The 2022 Connected Learning Summit, held virtually, engaged over 300 participants in interactive discussions about research, design, and practice, as well as hands-on workshops and inspiring talks. Videos of the plenaries, keynotes,...

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Learn, Organize, and Collaborate with Fellow Innovators and Researchers at CLS2022 Workshops & Roundtables

In addition to inspiring keynotes and plenaries, this year’s Connected Learning Summit features interactive workshops and roundtables offered by Connected Learning Alliance partners. Our partners are research labs, nonprofits, and research-practice collaborations...

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