July 27, 2022

Power On!: Why CS Education Can No Longer Pretend to Be “Neutral” 

Power On!, our newly released graphic novel (MIT Press, April 2022), follows the experiences of four high school friends from diverse backgrounds as they confront the harm technology has done in their own community. We follow them as they awaken to how computer science (CS) impacts our daily lives and ask questions such as: Can… Read more »

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Learn, Organize, and Collaborate with Fellow Innovators and Researchers at CLS2022 Workshops & Roundtables

In addition to inspiring keynotes and plenaries, this year’s Connected Learning Summit features interactive workshops and roundtables offered by Connected Learning Alliance partners. Our partners are research labs, nonprofits, and research-practice collaborations...

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Connected Learning: Mimicking Nature?

The natural world is full of connections and interactions. Some are obvious, others are not so obvious. Still, relationships between various elements contribute to the way that a natural system functions. Exploring these relationships...

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