May 10, 2022

Games + Learning + Society Reunion

GLS2022 – June 15-17, 2022, UCI is hosting a reunion of the Games + Learning + Society community, in person, live and unedited, on site and up close. So, if you are thinking, “Wait, they are doing this face-to-face, and only face-to-face?!” The answer is “Yes!” If your next question is “Why?” the answer is… Read more »

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Connected Learning: Mimicking Nature?

The natural world is full of connections and interactions. Some are obvious, others are not so obvious. Still, relationships between various elements contribute to the way that a natural system functions. Exploring these relationships...

Category: Connected Learning

Relationship Building in Career Equity Youth Work

For youth serving professionals in community based organizations–also known as youth workers–building relationships with young people is an unremarkable, yet foundational element of the trade. This blog entry is based upon our...

Categories: Equity, Research