Deviant Art

Die drei kleinen Schweinchen

By Largoyzniaar

Twisted from The Three Little Pigs

Variation where the Three Little Big Pigs live as bandits. Strong villains, real rogues, they make the rules and bully the others.

One day, they decided to leave home and on their way, discovered a castle crowned by towers. They entered and noticed that nobody lived there.

So, they took over the fortress, and now no one dared to attack them, even great knights and impressive warriors.

Until the day when a young wolf came: He was the castle’s owner. Furious at being driven out of his home, he left without uttering a word, hoping to find a solution.

On his way, he met a traveling merchant who sold magic items. The wolf bought
a magic bellows and returned to the castle.

He breathed into the bellows and one of the towers fell to the ground.

The youngest pigs, hearing that weird noise, came out of the fortress to see what happened. When the wolf saw them, he blew once again and the other tower crashed on the two bullies.

The third pig was going to join his brothers. He couldn’t find them. He looked for them and walked around the castle. The wolf took this opportunity to enter the castle and lock the door.

The rogue pig saw him. He wanted to break down the door, but his ax was inside! So, he decided to enter through the chimney.

The wolf heard him climb out onto the roof and understood his plan. He prepared a cooking pot and put it on the fireplace; the pig didn’t see it and fell in.

The wolf hurried to close the lid.

Since then, no one has heard from the Three Big Pigs. Maybe because the wolf ate them for his dinner …

Tools: Spice tea, mechanical pencil, watercolours, colourpencils.