Deviant Art

Have You Ever Wondered …

By Maja Czerniachowska (Segraece)

Twisted from My Little Pony

I always wanted to make my world. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, make them feel bad.

I just wanted to show them the beauty. The calm.

This endless quiet. I was sure that I could make a perfect place, full of love, beauty, and joy.

My intentions were pure, but somebody understood them in the wrong way.

Now, my world is collapsing—the stars are fading, the never-ending night is becoming the day. My poor children, they don’t know the light. Single light rays can make them scared, or even blind. I want to hide them in my shadow, but my body isn’t big enough.

Those, over my head, they think that they’re heroes, the chosen ones. But the one who’s suffering the most is me. I want to tell them that I didn’t mean to.

But, unfortunately, we’re on completely opposite sides—the day and night.

Please, don’t.

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Time: Too much. Definitely too much.