Mortal Bones

By acrdbty

Twisted from Hush, Hush

The night was cold and dark even though a full moon decorates the night sky.

He drove through the heavy rain, not bothered by the blurry road. Nothing mortal could kill me, he muttered to himself and then he sighed heavily.

Suddenly, his eyes catch a blinking yellow light by the side of the road. If it was just any normal day, he would stop and help, but this is not just another normal day.

The moment he passed the car, something pulled on his chest, pulls him so hard that without him noticing, he was already stopping for it. Let’s see what this is all about, he muttered again before getting out of his car into the heavy rain.

He’s scared of nothing; even if this was a trap, he’s sure he’ll escape from it.

“Do you need help?” he shouted to whomever was inside the silver car.

He was expecting whoever was in there to just roll down the window, but no, that person, who turns out to be a female, stepped out of her car, looking as pale as a corpse.

“I would call for a mechanic, but I have no bars,” she glumly told him.

For some reason, her face and features look all too familiar to him, yet he never actually met this girl before.

“Do you know what’s the problem?” he asked while trying to figure her out at the same time.

“Yes, the tire.” She pointed to the left rear of her car. “It’s flat.”

“Do you have a spare? I could help you change it.” Why am I helping her? he asked himself, but finds no answer. Who is she?

Out of the blue, the rain suddenly stopped in the middle of changing the tire; when he looks up, he finds an umbrella with the girl holding it.

“I feel useless,” she reasoned. “I’m Nora.” The girl stretched down her hand toward him.

It was then he recognised the familiarity. She is Nora Grey, his Nephilim vassal’s female descendant, and she was the only thing standing between him and a human life, the only thing he wants the most.

“Do you have a name?” She pulled her hand back rather awkwardly.

“Patch.” He was done changing the tire by then. “My name is Patch.” With that, he left her standing there with her colourful umbrella.

As he walked back to his car, it started to dawn on him that in order to get what he really wanted, he needed to kill Nora Grey.

It wasn’t an accident. Patch knows exactly what he was doing, and he’s determined to get his results, even if it means enrolling in the same school as Nora Grey and slowly gain her trust. Because for him, being immortal is a curse, a never-ending pain; he already knows what it feels like to be a human, and he’s addicted to it, and since that day, his only wish has been to become a human full time.

And now, his chance is within his grasp, he’s definitely not going to let his chance slip away. Never. So he slowly pushed his way in, he joined a few of Nora’s classes, just enough to get her to notice his presence.

“You’re the guy who helped me with my flat tire.” He caught her small voice, a small proud smile make its way to his face.

But he quickly wiped it out of his face just before he turned and said, “Excuse me?”

“I’m Nora,” she said, looking up to him. “Remember me?”

“Now I do,” he gave her a little smirk, and the girl blushed for some unknown reason. Am I making her nervous? Good.

“You go to this school too? How come I’ve never seen you before?” She looked at him suspiciously.

“I just transferred here,” he said shortly.

“You know, I haven’t repaid you for helping me,” she shrugged, “so, umm … This may be not much, but I could show you around if you want to.”

“That would be great,” he smiled, seeing that his plan to gain her trust was starting to work.

“Come, follow me.”

Three weeks had passed since that day. Seems like his plan is working perfectly because, right now, it looks like she’s already fully trusting him to be alone with her. He didn’t expect this fast result. Guess she might be a weak one, but again, she’s the only female descendant of Chauncey Langeais.

Everything is being planned so perfectly by Patch, except for one thing. He didn’t really prepare his heart to actually feel something for the girl, but the good thing is, his stubbornness to be a human fully rules everything in him. It is stronger than what his heart feels for the girl. But he knows that stubbornness will not last if he does not finish her soon. Hence, he really needs to plan the perfect murder.

Patch was on his way with Nora to a carnival when out of the blue his car broke down in the middle of the road. Nora might not see it, but Patch being, or was, an archangel, could see the cause. It was Dabria, Patch’s old flame from when he was still an archangel, who caused it. Hiding the fact that he actually knows what happened, he pretended to go out and check under the hood.

“What do you need, Dabria?” he asked coldly.

“What are you doing, Patch?” She crossed her hand on her chest.

“I’m having a date,” he stated flatly. “Or, was that forbidden, too?” he sarcastically added.

“It’s not forbidden, no,” Dabria shakes her head slowly, “but what you’re planning with her is.”

“Oh, so you can predict the future too, Dabria?”

“You know that’s one of my powers, Patch.” Now it’s Dabria’s turn to stare back at him flatly.

“Right. Well, she’s standing in the middle of what I want,” he concluded.

“A human life?”

“Exactly!” Smugly Patch smirked.

“Did you know that girl could also be the one who reforms you?” What is she talking about?! “She could be the one who gives your wings back.”

“I don’t want it anymore,” he flatly concluded.

“You always—”

“Shut up, Dabria, I’m not the same angel you knew from before,” he cuts her off quickly. “126 years could change anyone a lot, even an angel.”

“You are not that kind of person!” Dabria shouted. “Would you really want to spend the rest of your human life feeling guilty for taking an innocent girl’s life?”
she continued.

“Yes, if that was really necessary,” he flatly replied.

“You know what, enjoy your miserable life on Earth as a human!” With that, she spread her beautiful wide wings, and made her way up to the sky and disappeared.

“Bítch,” he muttered before going back to the car.

“Everything’s all right?” Nora asked him the moment he stepped into the car.

“Yeah, everything’s perfect,” he smiled and closed his door shut.

After what just happened, Patch really needs to make his plan work. No more failed chances; this is the end.

• No perfume
• Burn the evidence
• Wear a different shoe size
• Plant fake evidence
• Wear gloves
• No accomplice

He had gathered that much so far, but he needed more.

Do you really want this? his subconscious asked. Then Dabria’s words play inside his head: She could be the one who reforms you.

“Of course I want this,” he said to himself. “Sacrificing a person is better than living a life of a living hell, literally.” Why am I talking to myself?

He needed to pick up Nora at her home before going to school because that’s what a couple does when they are dating, arriving at school together. He didn’t get the use of it, but he’ll do it if it’s how he’s gonna get his wish. Hell, he’ll do anything really. He’s planning a girl’s murder for heaven’s sake! Why would he do less for something else?

Nora did look pretty today, but again, Nora always looks pretty, but Patch knew that was just a distraction, he knew about the heaven wish. Angels are sworn to protect; the ones who do harm will get punishment and be thrown out of heaven. In Patch’s case, he wasn’t thrown out, his wings were ripped off of him, and he swore revenge with no forgiveness; with that, he’s forever a fallen.

“You look beautiful,” he told her, softly touching her hand.

“Thanks,” she replied with a blush.

“Shall we go now?” He pulled her hand with him to his lap.

“Yes, we shall.”

For some reason, Nora is nervous. Her hands are shaking.

“You okay, Nora?” Patch asked her at a red light.

“Um. Yeah, I’m just cold.” She looked away.

“Cold?” Her hands are warm; how come she said she’s cold? Patch wondered.

“Are you sick?” He touched her forehead, “You’re burning!” He fully turns to her. “Why didn’t you tell me you’re sick, Nora?” He’s not sure if he’s angry because he really cares for her or because if she dies from this sickness, he won’t get his wish.
He goes with the second one.

“I wasn’t sick before.” She shakes her head.

There’s only one word to explain this situation. Dabria.

She didn’t come out of her room for three days; for some reason, she suddenly fell ill. She doesn’t understand the reason, but it seems like Patch does; his expression after the word comes out of her mouth was questionable. It wasn’t panic or relief, it was knowing, like he knows that she’s gonna feel ill. Was he the cause? she wonders.

On day 4, Nora feels a lot better, and like Patch knew all about it, he showed up at her doorstep with his signature black clothing and that beautiful smirk of his. Nora’s heart, as always, beats faster when he’s around. Everything about him seems like perfection, his black hair, his serious piercing dark eyes, his aristocratic nose, his full lips, his broad shoulders, his height, everything was perfect, and Nora knew that. He was definitely hard to resist, and someone must be blind if she didn’t fall for him at first sight. Even if it was on a dark night and under the heavy pouring rain.

“I hope you feel a lot better, Nora.” His deep but caring voice made her cheek blush.

“I am,” she gulps. He really made her nervous. So handsome, she thought.

“If you really are better, I’d like to take you out,” he said, holding his hand out
to her. She gladly accepted.

“Okay, let me freshen up a bit,” she nodded. “Why don’t you come in first?” She pulled her door wider and pulled him in with her.

“Your parents at work?” Patch asked her while looking inside her house.

“My mom is,” she said flatly.

“I’m sorry about your dad, Nora,” he automatically said to her, but she has heard it too many times; it started to sounds like it’s been said because it needed to be said, not because that is what they truly felt.

“I’ll be right back.”

Patch took Nora to a dance club. Before they went, she asked him what should she wear tonight. He told her she should wear something comfortable because they’re going to do a lot of moving. Which is true, but not exactly all true.

The dance club was way too crowded, but it is perfect; people will be too busy with their dancing partner to even notice what happens with the both of them. Just exactly like what he’s been planning.

After a few dances, Nora said she was tired and wanted to sit down for a bit, just like what Patch has been anticipating. There’s a reason why he chose this particular dance club; other than the fact that this place is always crowded, this club also played some of the most rigorous dancing songs ever made. Tired Nora means sloppy Nora, and sloppy Nora means careless Nora. Looks like his plan started perfectly.

Nora felt drowsy for some reason after her energetic dance, but Patch was the only one near her, which raised questions inside her head. She’s not a sickly person. In fact, she rarely got sick. But since Patch got into the picture, her immune system just went down the ditch! She had a cold after the night they first met, then after Patch’s first day of school, she got the flu because of some “allergic” reaction to dust, and there’s also the high fever, and now this, a really bad headache. What is happening to me?

“Nora!” Then it all turns black.

Nora feels like she’s floating in the air, swinging. She could hear the steady heartbeat of a person. Thump, thump, thump … She felt the night air brushing her face softly. Everything was peaceful and quiet, soon followed by a warm hand touching her cold cheek. But the warm hand left her cheek and was replaced with a massive pain on her heart, which jolted her awake at the same time.

What she saw in front of her was inhuman, and totally unbelievable. Standing in front of her was Patch, but different. His dark eyes were golden. On his back were really massive and beautiful angel-like wings in black. Next to him, a woman with fire-red hair, also with angel-like wings, but in white. Nora was too stunned with them; she didn’t register the pain anymore.

“What are you?” Her breath catches.

“She’s still alive,” the woman had said. “If you really want your wish to come true, don’t finish halfway, Jev.” The smile he gave her was really scary to watch. Where’s the nice Patch from before?!

He stalked toward her, both wings gone. Maybe I’m just imagining them, she tried to convince herself.

“Be careful, you might end up saving her, Jev,” said the woman again.

“Then what are you suggesting for me to do, Dabria?”

“I’m the good angel.”

Suddenly Nora can’t breathe, like something was choking her.

“Why?” She managed to croak.

“Because I want to be human, Nora; you’re in my way, so you must die.” At the end of his sentence, he pushed the knife deeper to her heart, twisting it, and then pulled it out.

Blood started to pour out of her heart real fast, it started to pool around her limp body; slowly, Nora lost consciousness. And then death finally took over.

“Oh, look Patch, seems like you got your wings back!” Dabria said cheerfully.

“What the fück did you do?!” Full of anger, Patch charged toward her, but she held her hand up and something like glass stopped him in place.

“I changed your deal.” She smiles smugly. “The moment you kill her, you are returned to your true form.” Still with smugness, Dabria smiles, “An angel, of death. Good luck, Patch.”

It’s all for nothing!