image: Professor Layton: Twist Fate - by Dragoreon
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Professor Layton

By Professor Layton

Twisted from Dragoreon

Featuring … Professor Layton!

Turning our perfect and charming gentleman into a villain was a total challenge, so I tried to create the most believable scenario in which this could happen. I’ll explain it as briefly as possible.

While at one of their adventures in the ancient ruins, Layton tried to solve a puzzle while Luke walked around the room, but suddenly the floor cracked, making Luke fall into the ground beneath and getting badly hurt. Everything changed in the month after the accident. Although Luke recovered completely, the professor didn’t. He pondered on his actions, what was best for Luke, and considered how he had lost his loved ones in the past. He decided not to go on adventures anymore, just to keep Luke safe. However, Luke insisted, but every time he asked, Layton refused, until one day Luke encountered Don Paolo. Don Paolo had heard about everything, and Luke thought he could help him convince Layton to be himself again. As he said that, Don Paolo rejected every word and tried to walk away, but Luke insisted and followed him, almost bursting into tears. Then, Don Paolo started to sympathize with him and agreed to help on the condition of being left alone after talking to Layton. When they arrived at Layton’s study, they tried to persuade him to change his mind, but they couldn’t, and the professor closed himself down even more. Now outside, Luke walked down the street, leaving Don Paolo. Although Don Paolo didn’t want to have anything to do with those two, somehow he felt a real pity for Luke’s sadness. He invited Luke to help him with his tasks, and he accepted. After a few weeks, they started to trust each other and Luke started to recover his confidence and forget about Layton. Both of them changed and achieved some fame, thanks to Don Paolo’s progress in engineering, which allowed them to travel to many places and go on adventures. But Layton heard about them, so he left his study for the first time looking for Luke; he wanted to stop him. However, he knew Luke wouldn’t pay attention to him, so he decided to follow them on their journey to spoil their plans (and, he hoped, prevent Luke from getting hurt). A complete twist of fate.

I didn’t think Don Paolo could be that handsome shaved.