image: Queen of Hearts by kanilope
Deviant Art

Queen of Hearts

By Elise Ngo (lapicureuil)

Twisted from Alice in Wonderland

What if … the Queen of Hearts was actually what she sounds like? Kind, loving, and gentle … And what if her younger sister, the White Queen, was evil?

Everyone in Wonderland would know the story of how the Queen of Hearts put an end to the White Queen’s reign and saved the kingdom …

Long ago, Wonderland was ruled by a king and his queen. They had two daughters. The eldest, with red hair, was kind and made friends with everyone she met, while the youngest, with white hair, kept to herself. For whatever reason, the king and the queen always favored their youngest daughter, and although this left the elder sister feeling neglected, she still loved her sister very much. Eventually, the time came when the king and queen were old and frail. Before they passed away, they gave the crown to the younger sister, who became the White Queen. The eldest was devastated at the loss of her parents, and confused as to why her sister had received the throne instead of her, but she decided that she would make the best of the situation and support her sister however she could.

However, the White Queen quickly revealed herself to be a cruel and violent ruler, and the land turned from a place of wonder to a place of fear. The eldest realized what needed to be done. She took back the land that had been rightfully hers in the first place, and saved the kingdom from the White Queen’s reign of terror. Although it pained her do it, she also banished her sister from the kingdom. The eldest sister brought back peace to the land. Today, she is known as the Queen of Hearts in all the land, because never before in Wonderland has there been a ruler so kind and understanding.

This Queen of Hearts doesn’t chop off the heads of everyone she meets, or use animals as inanimate objects. Everyone in Wonderland adores her!

I had a lot of difficulty choosing which hero/villain to illustrate. Designing the dress for the Queen of Hearts was lots of fun.