image: Twist Fate - Sleeping Beauty by UnityUniverse
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Sleeping Beauty

By UnityUniverse

Twisted from Sleeping Beauty

In this picture, I took a twist on the story of Sleeping Beauty. I always loved Maleficent as a character, in the Disney film, Kingdom Hearts games, and in her new-ish film, so I wanted to create a picture based on her. But the issue was that the two films had explored her as a villain and hero so I was wondering, “What could I do?” So I decided, what would be better than to put her in dragon form as the prince? And what would be a better situation than to put the dragon with her in the kiss scene!

So, I made her in dragon form … less evil? And mixed the room styles from the original film and the new film, but Aurora is styled off the original film.

In this timeline, beautiful Aurora was born and had blessings granted by the fairies. The prince’s family wanted to have Aurora marry their son when she turned 16. Aurora’s parents did not agree and the prince’s family vowed they would get their way. The king, scared for Aurora’s safety and kidnapping, sent her away with the fairies. There, she explored the forest and discovered the kingdom of the monsters and found a beautiful dragon that she became good friends with. Time passed and she attended her 16th birthday party, where the prince found her and proposed.
Logically, she turned down this stranger. The prince, in anger, took out his sword and struck her before taking the king and queen captive. The kingdom fell into misery over her supposed death and under the harsh rule of the prince. The dragon, seeing the kingdom in sadness, went to see what was wrong. The prince fought the dragon, but the dragon overpowered the prince, pinning him to the wall. Searching the castle, the dragon discovered Aurora, in a deep sleep—possibly death, I haven’t decided. Cue dragon kiss and lots of tears. The princess’s wounds healed from
the tears and she woke from her sleep/death? They lived happy ever after, hugs and credits.