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Snow White

By YumiAkaru

Twisted from Snow White

I always wanted to draw a comic like this since I just like to switch hero/villain roles. When I saw the Twist Fate competition, I already had the whole image in my mind and just started to draw.

It’s probably not the most creative switch idea, but I still like it since it seems realistic that someone who has always been beautiful starts to freak out once she gets a rival for the first time …

This scene shows the young Snow White walking in a dark room where the mirror is hanging; inside the mirror is a beautiful woman who can answer any question and show you what you desire.

I simply switched the roles.

The young and beautiful Snow White always liked her stepmother but she loved her own beauty more than anything or anyone else, so when the mirror told her that her stepmother became more beautiful, Snow White decided to pay her stepmother a visit and bring her a “Present.”