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Deviant Art

The Prodigy

By pikooroo

Twisted from Kung Fu Panda

“Had I not used them in such a manner, would my parents still have loved me?”

“Could I have been a hero like that stupid, stupid flabby panda”

“What a late time to think it all”

This is something I felt Shen could’ve thought when Po gave him the hero speech. Shen was a great villain; sure, he was typical villain material, but at the same time interesting.

Loved his parents, was terribly bitter, felt betrayed, and too smart for his own good.

When Shen closed his eyes before he died, the scene felt a lot different from most villains screaming as they’re defeated.

His demise was always a scene that struck me as particularly intriguing.

I thought that it wouldn’t have taken much for him to have used those very same weapons to have saved China rather than destroy had he not misstepped.

Oh, wait. He was born with the red eyes of doom, deeming his fate a villain.