Deviant Art

The Wolf’s Tale

By UKEagleclaw

Twisted from Red Riding Hood

Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the poor young girl, the elderly old woman, and the big bad wolf, but do you not know that history is written by the victor? Bold words inked by deceit and written by liars have been etched across history for long enough. It is time for me to reveal the true story of Little Red Riding Hood. You may doubt my words but remember that I was only one of the victims of man-made devices. We weren’t the ones who desecrated pure green forestland and invaded territory; those were invented by mankind. Like a devastating plague you destroy the Earth, spreading black toxic fumes across its expanse. Never caring for the consequences and, well, if my tale teaches you anything, think about how your actions impact us. So, I will begin from the start to allow you to understand the truth. This is my tale: the tale of the wolf …

Born and raised in vast green forestry, I was named Iris. You may think this is a strange name for a wolf, but I was named after the beautiful purple flower, especially since the resilient but fragile flower was native to our once-great forest. My mother taught me the necessities of how to survive in the wild. Besides, it wasn’t too difficult; prey was rich and plentiful at the time. There was such an unbelievable amount of prey. Now that I am looking back, it feels like decades ago. Tell me, how could it change so quickly? Perhaps we should have somehow stockpiled it, but it was impossible to foresee the oncoming threat of mankind. Mother also told me and my siblings that it used to snow but that had ceased as the Earth had warmed and because of that some types of prey had died out. Prey had already begun to die out centuries before my time. Yet another consequence of mankind’s selfish actions. Before I spew more anger, I shall continue.

Mother and I stayed in the same forest, whilst my siblings ventured into fresh territories. Even then space was running out. However, even without the rest of our family, we lived peacefully and happily in the forest’s shelter. With regret, I remember how the forest had been untouched by mankind’s poisonous hands. There had been a great oak that towered into the sky, beyond sight. Except now it’s toppled along crushed earth, being shredded by metal machines.

Seasons passed and tragically my mother was captured by mankind, taken against her will, in harsh metallic traps. I only just escaped at the urging of my mother, who told me to flee. When I looked back I saw two humans standing over the cage. One young and the other old, exploder sticks strewn over their shoulders. There was a bang, a black pellet whirling past my ear. Whatever it was, it had only just missed. Vines tore my pelt as I ploughed through thick undergrowth. Limping, I eventually reached my leafy nest. Sighing with a mixture of loneliness and relief, I settled down into a deep sleep.

Soon after, I realised the humans had started trampling over the far reaches of the forest, sending dark and vile-smelling fumes deep into the air. A great sweeping clear river once flowed through the forest, but it was soon poisoned; decaying fish began washing up on its shores. Failing to catch me, they seemed content with contaminating the precious water supply. With that, the water transformed into dark grey slime.

Prey began to starve, and into this disastrous and hopeless world my pups were born. I had mated for a short time with a passing wolf, which I soon regretted when he left, worried about the encroaching humans. Perhaps I should have left with him, but I couldn’t leave my home that I had grown up in.

But there is a strong side of me that wished we had. We could have left and found new, greener hunting lands, away from mankind’s wrath of destruction. I tried and tried but it wasn’t enough. The prey was gone. I spent every heartbeat searching but mankind had taken it all. The triumphant and smirking looks of the two humans taunted me in my thoughts and dreams. Soon the earth claimed my pups, and I had nothing to fight for.

Grief stricken, I wandered in random directions, pledging to stop the destruction that had murdered my pups. Mankind had brought chaos to my life; where would their deadly rampage end? They’d murdered my prey, my forest, my mother, and my pups. Deciding that no one else should suffer a similar tragic fate, I searched day and night to find those two humans and bring an end to their evil scheming. It wouldn’t bring anything back, but I had to at least try to invoke justice.

Somehow, I stumbled across the younger human at a random forest path. A red hood decorated her small figure. I’d planned to convince one of the humans to leave the forest; what would my pups think of me if I inflicted similar pain on someone else? Even if I had no respect for these vile, careless creatures, I knew that I shouldn’t sink to their deceitful levels without good reason. Therefore, I waited for the young human to come closer. Then I stepped out of the bush, blocking her path. Before I go any further, I should tell you that in our lands, humans can understand animals such as myself. This is what made their torture over the forest even worse. I begged her to stop destroying the forest and to think of the animals. To my horror the young human refused, stating that this was their forest now and I better get used to it or else.

I was ready to convince her further, but I leapt back as she pulled her exploder stick on me. Bounding away into the dense forest, my frame was struck by a wild round pellet. A tormenting sting flooded my body; why did I ever think they’d listen? Mankind wasn’t to be trusted; surely my life had taught me that by now? At that moment, I had no intention to find the other human, just escape this nightmarish forest. I realised that there was no hope now; the humans were victorious. Nothing could stop their powerful arsenal of weapons.

Despite this, fortune decided otherwise. Not expecting it, I came across a wooden shack in the far edges of the forest. Tree stumps and discarded wood clippings were spread around its borders. It creeped me out, but I was planning to quickly and quietly pass by when the haunting elderly human stepped out, halting me in my tracks. There was a side of me wanting to run and get away from her conquering posture. The other side wanted to find out why they’d destroyed the forest, stomping over the sacredness it once possessed. Muscles tensed, trying to block out the pain of the exploder stick’s pellet wound, I prowled up to the entrance. Not wanting to get in a fight, I made sure she spotted me. She instantly stared down at me, and I saw the disdain, clear as the sky, in her eyes.

“Why have you destroyed the forest?” I bellowed, searching for a reason. Anything would have eased my mental and physical wounding.

“Why?” the elderly human mocked. “Because it is mine to take. Pitiful creatures like you don’t deserve any right over all this. Soon all the trees will be gone to fuel mankind’s industrial productions. This is our Earth, not yours!”

“What makes you think that you can destroy our lives? What have I or any other animal done to you?” I couldn’t believe the audacity and disrespect of this human; it was far worse than anything I’d encountered before.

A huge smirk filtered across her face. “Power. You are all weak, unable to defend your territory. I and my strong machines crushed you easily. Now, you’ve all scattered like the wind. Believe me, it was far too easy.”

I shouldn’t have, but I snapped, clawing and biting at her until she thumped to the floor. Seeing the ghostly look in her eyes, I was ashamed that I had been like her but also partly relieved that this monster had gotten what it deserved. Possibly others had been saved from her villainous destruction.

Before I had the time to do anything else, a bold black pellet splintered through my body, making me drop. Everything flashed before me; however, I was glad. Soon I would meet everyone I had lost. It would mean seeing my family again. Two dark, tormenting figures stood over me as the light faded from within my temple, leading me to the silvery spirits above.

If you hadn’t already guessed, that’s from where I tell this tale to you now. I hope that you have been warned to think about your actions and the effects they have on nature. The ice caps are melting and the Earth is warming up against nature’s will, and mankind has to take some of the blame. Emissions disrupt the ozone layer and other dangerous gases leak into the air. Don’t forget the animals whose habitats you are destroying. If you’ve listened to my tale so far, remember that you have the power to safeguard the Earth, unlike those pesky poaching mankind. Unfortunately, my time is up, and it’s up to you now …