By NyLovesBooks

Twisted from The Violet Eden

I peer down through the clouds and smile. All those mortals just waiting for me, Violet Eden, the Angel of Death, to strike. Everyone envies me, as I am an angel of the Sole, yet my life is hollow, meaningless.

But alas, the only thing that can save me is forbidden. Here in the angel realm we are not allowed to feel certain feelings. The mortals and Grigori simply think we can’t feel things like love, and hatred. But, unfortunately, we can. As I peer out through the streets of the realm for mortals in the 1700s, I ache as I see people who are hopelessly in love. The only way for me to be truly happy is to find love, and for that to happen I’d have to exile. And no one as powerful as me has exiled, unless you consider Lilith.

Exiling is tricky, for if you exile there is no way for you to get back up to the angel realm. Also, I do not really want to be the first exile of Light of the Sole down there … Yet, the thought of exiling is still tempting.

I shake off my thoughts as I get up from my seat on the green grass in the angel realm and walk toward the village. My white feathery wings follow me and flutter excitedly as I see Michael, Uri, and Nox. Michael and I have been best friends since we were a couple of centuries old. Then, after a millennium, we met Uri and Nox. After that, I was assigned to my partner Lincoln. We five became inseparable.

I walk quietly behind Michael, Uri, and Nox as to surprise them, but I stop as I hear the conversation.

“Really? Us be the guides for the first Grigori of the Sole?” Nox asks in awe.

“We aren’t ready. I still have to surrender. Well, I have to find out what I have to surrender still,” Uri panics as he starts pacing.

“You don’t have to be ready now. You have a couple hundred years. Samuel won’t be born till then. Also we can’t tell Violet,” Michael tells them.

Them be the angel guides of a Grigori of the Sole? Why can’t I know? What about me? I’ve known Michael longer than them!

My thoughts of exiling from earlier swirl in my head. I need to talk to someone.

I turn around and go to consult the evil side of me.

I go up to Lincoln and sigh, irritated.

He peers up from his book and looks at me with questioning eyes.

See, Lincoln isn’t really my brother; we were just paired up a few centuries ago as partners. As everything in the world there must be balance. Therefore, he is my dark side as I am his light side. I must confess that I have developed a small crush on him, but I know it’s forbidden.

So, once again I shake off my idiotic thoughts and recount the conversation to Lincoln. Also, in the midst of everything, I ended up telling him my thoughts about exiling.

He sighs and smirks. I see a hint of his darkness come through.

“Go ahead, exile. You don’t need them,” Lincoln advises.

I must say that his advice isn’t very helpful, yet it convinces me that I’m not too crazy for wanting to exile.

“Would you exile with me?” I ask Lincoln as I peer out of the stained-glass
windows of his house.

Lincoln looks lost in thought for a few minutes (and I let him stay in thought
as to avoid his answer).

“The future is ever changing. I will not exile with you today, or tomorrow or even for another century, but maybe sometime in the future, I’ll get bored of this life and exile to go live my next one,” Lincoln wisely states.

I sigh and say good-bye to him. We hug and then I walk out of his house to the edge of the angel realm.

I don’t need them. I can live my life with power down in the realm of mortals.

“Good-bye this life; hello to the next.” I whisper, and just as I’m about to exile, I hear Michael’s voice.

“What are you doing?” Michael yells to me as he runs to try and pull me back to the safety of the village.

“I can’t believe you would make a Grigori and not have me as a guide! I am—was—your best friend! I can’t take this restricted realm anymore, Michael! I need to allow these forbidden feelings like sadness, anger, and even love free. I am going crazy trying to keep my walls up from feeling these emotions! And when I
overheard my best friends talking about being guides to a Grigori and not even telling me, I couldn’t take it anymore!” I screamed at him.

Just as I was going to step off the edge once again Michael spoke, “You aren’t ready, Violet. You bring death; and I needed life, Violet, I needed life, not death,” Michael confesses.

“I will one day come back. I may bring death, Michael, but you just watch. I will create land, I will create life of my own.”

With that, I stepped off of the edge and plummeted to the mortal realm.

I will rise to power. I will bring life.