By ahsoka228

Twisted from Big Hero 6

“Do it, Baymax! Destroy him!”

I was losing myself.

My morals were becoming blurred.

I was falling into this deep, dark void, and I don’t know how to stop myself from descending.

But you see, the darkness was comforting. It wraps around you like a security blanket, and you just want to stay under its protection because you knew that it was safe. It kept you protected from reliving traumatizing experiences, from the never-ending nightmares, from the guilt of surviving.

My journey to the dark side all originated from the death of my older brother. I watched as the building exploded, taking my brother down with it. My heart shattered into pieces—pieces that no longer fit perfectly together if someone tried to put it back due to chunks of it having died with Tadashi.

The fire that killed him wasn’t an accident, and I swore to myself that day that I will avenge his death if it’s the last thing I do. I began seeking out vengeance with the robot that Tadashi had built and was supported by my brother’s friends who were also eager to find his killer. It didn’t take long to find the person responsible for my brother’s death considering that we were the brightest kids at San Fransokyo Tech.

The murderer goes by the name Yokai. He was a fairly tall man who would walk with his head held up high and his hands behind his back. He was clad entirely in black except for his face on which he wore a red and white Kabuki mask. He was the epitome of evil, and that is why he must die.

Although my brother’s friends were supportive about helping me find Yokai, they were completely against killing him. They told me that it wasn’t something Tadashi would have wanted. Tadashi would not have wanted his friends or his brother to murder someone in a desperate act of revenge. So I told them that if they weren’t with me on this, then they were against me.

They had tried to stop me from going out and killing Yokai by locking me up in a room and taking Baymax away from me. But when you’re just as determined as I am about getting justice, nothing can stop you. It’s like they say, an eye for an eye—or, in this case, a death for a death.

I managed to evade their efforts of keeping me secluded and locked up in a dorm at the university by hacking the security lock on the door that they had set up. Once I was out of the dorm, it didn’t take too long to find where they kept Baymax. He was in Tadashi’s lab on the charging dock with nothing to keep me from easily obtaining him. It was kind of pitiful to be honest. It was like they weren’t actually trying to stop me from killing Yokai.

What I’m doing, no matter how morally wrong it gets, in the end, it’s all for Tadashi. I removed the health-care chip that Tadashi had programmed from Baymax and placed it safely in my pocket before inserting the chip that I programmed especially to aid me in this wicked task.

After I rebooted Baymax, his eyes gleamed red for a second before returning to their normal color. I smiled, knowing that this meant that my program was successful. I turned around to head out of Tadashi’s lab before any of my friends could realize that I was gone with Baymax obediently trailing after me into the city.

It didn’t take long for us to travel through the city and find where Yokai was. He was in an abandoned warehouse that was filled with machines mass producing my microbots. I had Baymax pry open one of the windows so that I could safely climb through. Baymax, however, wasn’t so lucky. The robot was too big to fit through the window.

I turned around to face Baymax. “Sorry, Baymax, but you’re gonna have to stay out here for now.”

Turning back around, I began to walk toward where Yokai was overlooking the production, careful not to make a single sound. When I was close enough to Yokai that I could basically strangle him with my hands, he suddenly turned around. You could imagine his shock upon seeing me standing there right behind him. Acting quickly, I pulled the gun out of my waistband, turned off the safety, and aimed it right at Yokai.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you,” I snarled at him as he glanced warily to the gun that I was holding.

“That’s cute, Hiro.

I pulled the trigger, but Yokai moved out of the way, anticipating my response. I followed Yokai’s movement with the gun, but he was fast, and I didn’t have much experience with a gun. It wasn’t until it was too late that I noticed that he was slowly making his way closer to me every time he avoided getting shot. It was when I had the perfect aim at Yokai, he quickly shuffled forward, closing the gap between us, and snatched the gun out of my hand, aiming it right back at me.

Right when he pulled the trigger to kill me, Baymax appeared out of nowhere taking the bullet for me. His first and forever duty was to protect me from harm; his second duty was to kill Yokai. Due to the material that Baymax was made out of, the bullet didn’t make it through him, but it did put Baymax out of commission.

Out of sheer luck, when Baymax started deflating, he fell forward, knocking into Yokai and causing him to stumble backward and drop the gun. I quickly dove forward grabbing the gun off of the ground and slid a couple of feet past the man. Once my finger was wrapped around the trigger, I aimed at the back of Yokai’s knee and shot him. Yokai immediately collapsed onto the ground in agony; his hands automatically went down to wrap around his wounded knee.

I got up from the ground and walked to where Yokai was. I stood over him for a couple of seconds, before crouching down right beside his head.

“You see, I had a brother. You might’ve known him. His name was Tadashi,” I began as I jerked his face toward me so that I was making eye contact with his eyes through the mask. “And you—” I snarled as I dragged the gun up to where his heart was before jabbing him with it. “Killed him.”

“Are you going to kill your Professor in cold blood, Hiro?” asked Yokai as he reached up to remove his mask, revealing that he was Professor Callaghan.

I gave him a malicious grin before chuckling, which caused Callaghan to shiver at just the sound of it. “Oh, Professor, I guess you don’t know me that well then. Because I will murder you in cold blood.

“Now, you see I have the choice of either ending this for you peacefully, or I can make it to where you’re in so much pain that you’re just begging for me to kill you. However, I hate you so you don’t have much of a choice. Don’t hold back your screams, Professor.”

I aimed the gun at his nether regions and pulled the trigger. I was immediately met with loud screams of agony that filled my ears with pure joy. I then moved the gun over to where his left lung would be and pulled the trigger without much thought. I slowly moved the gun around trying to decide where to shoot next before placing it right beside his left temple. I watched as sweat began to bead on his forehead and his eyes squeezed shut waiting for death. I pulled the trigger knowing that I had used the last bullet on his lung.

A loud click echoed through the warehouse as Callaghan screamed, but no bullet ever left the gun. His eyes popped open when he realized that he wasn’t dead and stared at me as he heavily wheezed out as I stared back at him with a sadistic smile.

“Oh, no. It looks like I’m out of bullets, Professor, but I still have one more trick up my sleeve that will just set your world on fire.”

I reached into my pocket, my fingers wrapping around the smooth surface of the cigarette lighter. I pulled it out and flicked it on and off to show Callaghan what it was. I grabbed a hold of one his arms and roughly shoved his sleeve back before turning the lighter on and holding it to his skin. It didn’t take long for the smell of burning flesh to hit my nostrils. When Callaghan could not hold his screams in any longer, I moved the lighter away from his arm.

“I hope you rot in hell,” spat Callaghan, followed by coughing up blood from his damaged lung.

I held the lighter over the edge of his pants so that it caught on fire and did the same to his shirt and jacket.

I gave him a devilish smile. “Then I guess I’ll see you there.”