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Before writing a guest post for the Connected Learning Alliance, please read the following guidelines:

  • Read the blog posts on the Connected Learning Alliance to have an idea about topics and formatting.
  • Tell us who you are in a brief bio and pitch your idea via email before you write a lengthy guest post. If approved, you will be given the go-ahead to write your post.
  • Be unique. Your content must not have been published elsewhere.
  • Authority matters. Readers look to authors who have expertise in their field.
  • Your post should include relevant links to topics, research and other specific items that you’re discussing.
  • Be original. Check the archives to see which topics haven’t been covered yet.
  • Be interesting but get to the point. Why does your topic matter? And, why should readers care what you have to say about it?
  • Be relevant. Write your guest post about the topics our readers care about.
  • Write for a general readership, not for fellow specialists and experts in your field. In other words, keep away from technical insider jargon and break down your topic so anyone can understand it.
  • Do not write about things you are trying to sell. No advertorials will be accepted.
  • Aim to keep your post to 500 to 1,200 words.
  • Provide a relevant high-resolution CC-licensed image and image credit line to go with your post.
  • Provide a headline for your blog post, if possible.

*Please do not use this form to inquire about sponsored posts. We are not accepting sponsored posts.

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