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Ellen Middaugh

Ellen Middaugh, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Development in the Lurie College of Education at San José State University. She is also a Senior Researcher with the Civic Engagement Research Group. Her research focuses on the influence of varied social contexts on youth civic identity development and on the implications of digital media form positive youth development. Additional research focuses include how new media is changing the social context of adolescent development and the implications for educational practice. Current projects include studies of youth experiences with online conflict and research on the impact of classroom practices on students’ digital media literacy. She is co-editor of #youthaction: Becoming Political in the Digital Age. Recent publications include U Suk! Participatory media and youth experiences with political discourse (Middaugh, Bowyer, Kahne, in press), Youth comprehension of political messages in YouTube videos (Bowyer, Kahne, Middaugh, 2015), and (with Joe Kahne) New Media as a Tool for Civic Engagement (Communicar), Service and Activism in the Digital Age: Supporting Youth Engagement in Public Life Youth Online Activity and Exposure to Diverse Perspectives, and Online Localities: Implications for Democracy and Education (NSSE Yearbook).