Peter Wardrip headshot

Peter Wardrip

Peter Wardrip is a Ph.D. student in the Learning Sciences and Policy program at the University of Pittsburgh as well as a researcher at the Center for Urban Education.  He began his professional career as a high school Latin teacher. Leaving that behind, Peter thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail with his wife, Katrina, and served in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Armenia.

Before coming to Pittsburgh, Peter worked as a researcher in the Learning Sciences department at Northwestern University co-designing project-based curricula with teachers and providing technical assistance in school transformation projects. In his current research, Peter has a variety of interests. He studies teachers’ use of information about students to guide instruction, as well as organizational networks that support school improvement. His dissertation looks at how work across an educational improvement network is coordinated through tools and routines. When he is not working, Peter enjoys going for hikes with his family and creating various projects with his two children.