This film examines the true impact of mentorship and its ability to validate others in an era when all of us can connect and play a part in the life and education of one another.

We commissioned filmmaker Nic Askew ( to make a series of films about connected learning, a new approach to learning he called “courageous” and “transformational.”

Guided by six learning principles and three core values, connected learning is the outcome of a six-year research effort supported by the MacArthur Foundation into how learning, education, and schooling could be reimagined for a networked world.

The film asks:

  • ‘Might we all have the opportunity to mentor another?’
  • ‘How powerful is a single moment of validation to a young imagination?’
  • ‘Might your influence travel further than you might imagine?’
  • ‘Teacher or not, might you have a part to play in the education of another?’

The interview subject is Brother Mike, YouMedia Coordinator and Lead Mentor for the Digital Youth Network (, which is supported by the MacArthur Foundation as part of its Digital Media and Learning initiative (

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