monika hardy

monika gets to work with a district InnovationLab in Loveland, Colorado, where students have crafted, and just completed year one, of a four-year plan of disruption to redefine school. Based on findings that learning at its best is voluntary, per passion/choice, and self-directed, they are working towards “community as school.” They are experimenting with personalization both within and outside the system, a connected adjacency, so that all benefit.

Embracing the chaos of differentiating to infinity, they are networking mentor(s) to create 1-1 relationships. A declaration of interdependence, found in researching homelessness. Focus and commonality, if need be, is on a process of learning, penned detox. In reiterating this process, no matter the topic, it becomes second nature. The more detox needed, the more vital a culture of trust. Within the natural state of imagination and play, learners are free to follow their fancy and share back in useful spaces. ie: youtube, wikipedia, community. Minds they are learning with and from. Lab updates. Facebook: tsd innovation lab. Youtube: 51295monk. Random findings and journaling.