June 17, 2019

Everything You Need for Evaluating Connected Learning in Libraries

Categories: Connected Learning, Research
Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries Graphic

The Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries (CCLL) video series was born out of bad luck. An in-person workshop scheduled to happen during the PLA Conference was cancelled due to severe weather. Our team solicited feedback from the librarians who were going to attend our workshop and asked them the best ways to get our work and resources into their hands. These librarians overwhelmingly responded that short videos are a great and convenient way to share information because they allow the audience to watch them anywhere, anytime.

With this feedback, our team set to work to break down our in-person evaluation workshop into its component parts for packaging as five distinct videos. With help from our librarian partners at Los Angeles Public Library, Multnomah County Library, and Anythink Libraries (Colorado), the CCLL team is proud to announce the completion of the five part video series.

The video series covers:

  • Why we developed direct, low-resource, and uncomplicated tools for you to use for evaluating your connected learning programming.
  • The importance of outcomes to completing any evaluation of your programs and spaces.
  • What practical measures are, and an example of a practical measure that can be used in your space– talkback boards!
  • Using closed-ended or open-ended talkback board prompts.
  • Questions to help you think about planning the details for setting up an evaluation and putting what you’ve learned into practice.

We hope that these videos will provide librarians and informal learning practitioners with new insights, strategies, and tools for evaluating their connected learning programs and spaces. If you find these videos helpful to your practice, please consider:

  • Incorporating these practices and tools into your own programs and organizations, and sharing your learnings with others.
  • Contacting Us! We would love to hear your stories of using the ideas in these videos. We’d also love to add your talkback board prompts to our database of outcomes and prompts.

We are thankful to our partner librarians and organizations who shared their programs and spaces with us:

You can access the videos and other resources of the Capturing Connected Learning in Libraries project at: https://connectedlearning.uci.edu/research-tools/studies/capturing-connected-learning-in-libraries/

Thank you to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for their generous support.