December 14, 2012

Making + Playing + Understanding = Learning

Category: Connected Learning
2 young female students focused on their phones texting

We commissioned filmmaker Nic Askew to make a series of short films that explores the underlying thinking of our six principles of connected learning: interests, peers, youth as producers, networks, shared purpose and academics. Together, the six offer a framework for learning anchored in research and a deep understanding of how people learn, but they also tap the new possibilities of the internet, social media and the information age. This particular film (below) examines a fundamental human experience and key component of connected learning, ‘play,’ and explores whether it has been underestimated and whether, as a state of being, it holds answers for the reimagining of education.

The film asks:

Might we have underestimated the value of ‘play’?’

‘How would your life look if seen through a playful state of mind?’

‘Might confidence sit at the heart of an extraordinary education?’

‘Might a playful frame of mind stand to transform the experience of education?’

‘Might a playful state of mind enable the strength of our true human spirit?’

The interview subject is game designer and DePaul University professor Katie Salen, executive director of a non-profit called Institute of Play that is focused on games and learning and leader of the team that founded Quest to Learn, a 6-12th grade public school in New York City, as well as CICS ChicagoQuest, a 6-12 charter school that opened fall 2011 in Chicago.

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