June 7, 2021

Schedule Unveiled for the 2021 Connected Learning Summit

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Connected Learning Summit 2021 schedule banner

The schedule for the 2021 Connected Learning Summit is now available.

The July 7-30 event, to be held virtually on the Clowdr event platform, is focused on workshops, symposia, networking opportunities, social events, and gaming events tailored to an online format. The 2021 event will feature keynote and plenary sessions by leaders in learning research, design, and practice; presentations on innovative projects and change-making; interactive workshops on technology research and design, games, and other media; a lively “hall of failure” featuring honest post mortems on projects, programs, and products; smart, fast, performative “ignite talk” sessions; and community showcase events for tech demos.

In order to accommodate presenters and attendees in Asia, Australia, and the New Zealand area as well as U.S. and European attendees, some sessions will run from 4pm-6pm Pacific / 7pm-9pm Eastern in addition to 9am-noon Pacific / noon – 3pm Eastern.

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About the Connected Learning Summit

Organizers of the Digital Media and Learning (DML) Conference, the Games+Learning+Society (GLS) Conference, and Sandbox Summit joined forces to create the annual Connected Learning Summit, first held in 2018 at the MIT Media Lab. “The convergence of these three communities — DML, GLS and Sandbox — promises to catalyze the field of learning technologies in a whole new way,” said Constance Steinkuehler, former chair of the GLS Conference.

The summit will be hosted by the Connected Learning Lab (CLL), the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program, and Learning Games Network.

The summit’s purpose is “to fuel a growing movement of innovators harnessing the power of emerging technology to expand access to participatory, playful, and creative learning.” It will feature experts discussing creative and playful learning practices with a focus on access, engagement, and equity for children and adults alike. Its aim is to be a place where those excited to take learning to the next level gather cutting-edge strategies in connected learning.

“The summit always has a progressive and inclusive focus, which is more relevant than ever as we recover from the pandemic,” said Mimi Ito, director of the CLL. “It will bring together people truly committed to progressive, catalytic, innovative and transformative approaches to learning.”

The summit’s steering and advisory committee include: Aimee Hourigan, Amanda Levido, Amon Millner, Bondy Kaye, Corey Sparks, Debbie Fields, Drew Davidson, Eric Klopfer, Gina Grant, Hyeon-Seon Jeong, Ira Fay, Jaleesa Trapp, Justin Reich, Kim Jaxon, Kylie Peppler, Leigh Peake, Luci Pangrazio, Matthew Berland, Michael Dezuanni, Mimi Ito, Vera Michalchik, Remy Cross, Amanda Wortman, Sangita Shrestrova, Scot Osterweil, Shin Mizukoshi, Wendy Roldan, and Kurt Squire.


This year’s virtual event includes $15, $50, $100, and a $250 registration option. The $15 registration will just cover the cost of each attendee on the Clowdr event platform. Any additional contributions will be used to offer volunteer stipends for students, practitioners, and emerging scholars and administrative and platform costs associated with dispersing these stipends. Registration fees will not be used to cover event staffing, which will be offered as in-kind contributions by UC Irvine’s Connected Learning Lab, MIT’s Scheller Teacher Education Program and Education Arcade, and the Learning Games Network.

Registration is open.