August 3, 2016

Watchworthy Wednesday: Expounding on Educational Equity

Categories: Connected Learning, Equity
cla equity banner students looking at aquarium

Schools are just one place where learning takes place. Education can also be had at libraries, after-school programs, summer camps and online. In fact, today’s abundance of technological resources provides myriad learning opportunities. But, not all youth have the chance to take part, due to barriers such as access and cost.

This Connected Learning Alliance video addresses educational equity and how connected learning can help close the access gap. It’s based on research evidence, proving that “we need a learning ecosystem that challenges inequality by empowering people to create opportunity together. The tools of the digital age offer new ways of expanding the reach and accessibility of learning to underprivileged youth who otherwise lack these opportunities.”

And, this infographic, also produced by the Connected Learning Alliance, provides statistics and reasons why “out-of-school learning opportunities are hugely important in kids’ lives.”

Out-of-school connected learning opportunities graphic