March 29, 2012

Webinar: How Can We Disrupt the “Banking” System of Education?

Category: Connected Learning
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Earlier today, hosted a live webinar with librarian Buffy Hamilton, aka “The Unquiet Librarian,” on the topic: How do libraries cultivate participatory literacy to disrupt what Paulo Freire calls the “banking” system of education?

For this webinar series, anyone can be a part of the conversation via Livestream ( and Twitter (#connectedlearning), pose questions in real-time to the guest speaker, and connect with others in the emerging connected learning community.

The webinar’s page on now has a video recording as well as a growing list of the questions asked and resources mentioned.

Joining Buffy in the live conversation were:

Colm Linanne – Librarian based in Scotland – @librarydotcolm
Heather Hersey – Librarian at Lakeside High School in Seattle – @hhersey03
David Preston (and his high school class) – English teacher at Righetti High School in California – @prestonlearning
Alison Hicks – Instruction librarian at U. of Colorado-Boulder – @alisonhicks0
Lydia Smith-Davis – Librarian at Orange Lutheran High School in Southern California – @theencyclopidia