February 25, 2010

Dispatches: Digital Media & Learning Conference 2010

Category: Digital Learning
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In the wake of the Digital Media and Learning Conference, we’re seeing many great conversations taking place and intriguing questions being asked. Here’s a second wave of tweets harvested from the conference tweetstream. As before, these are tweets containing insights, observations, comments, questions, takeaways, and resource referrals compelling both to those who were there, but also to those who were not. The full tweetsream can be found on Twitter at #dml2010.

Cast of characters (in order of reference in tweets):
danah boyd (presenter)
David Theo Goldberg (moderator)
Sonia Livingstone (keynote/closing)
Jeremy Hunsinger (discussant)
Tracy Fullerton (presenter)
Alexander Halavais (presenter)
S. Craig Watkins (keynote/opening)

  • @zephoria: yay! “the internet is NOT the great equalizer, it is not the place (intersectional) inequality will go away”
  • @reneehobbs: children have rich lives in the non-digital arena! Indeed– how myopic our focus is when it’s all about tech and not about learning
  • @mlfulton: boyd: need to challenge myths that technology industry has perpetuated, such as “the internet is the great equalizer.”
  • @schock: david goldberg: ‘why would anyone be surprised at all that social exclusion is extended rather than challenged online?
  • @cassidycody: Laptops can make a good school better, but won’t make a bad school good.
  • @marciamarcia: Today teens not that different than yesterday’s as a result of tech. Super talk by @zephoria http://j.mp/danahb
  • @schock: if powerholders actually cede some control and share power w youth in online spaces, then maybe more prtcpation? just askin.
  • @lnakamur: agree with livingstone re: speciousness of “digital native”: youth can’t naturally do everything.
  • @schock: i wish ppl would look more at the state as a privacy violator in youth lives.
  • @reneehobbs: how disciplines maintain, reproduce themselves, disenfranchising the “outsiders” through internal hierarchies
  • @LynnSchofClark: shout out for Sonia Livingstone’s new book, Children & the Internet – all examples she’s citing are from it. Worth reading!
  • @CatinStack: Livingston: “What kids call making new friends, adults view as meeting up with strangers.” Great pov insights here.
  • @anterobot: both keynotes discuss informal practices w/new media. Why aren’t we dragging schooling (kicking & screaming) into the conversation?
  • @mlfulton: Analysis of recent release of massive Facebook data is already underway. http://bit.ly/9v8XDD
  • @l_e_s: Rethinking models of teaching; learning as process, enable learning spaces rather than teaching down to students. (J. Hunsinger)
  • @mlfulton: boyd: MySpace increasingly seen as over despite having 60 million users. Easier to dismiss due to perception it’s “ghetto.”
  • @l_e_s: kfitzpatrick: Uni’s need to rethink university’s publication function. We need to decouple pub. from bottom line.
  • @reneehobbs: Hunsinger: hackers create shared learning spaces outside of the academic sphere. Universities need places for self direction.
  • Livingstone: Media/tech is a way to occupy children, to reward them or control them
  • @schock: does anyone write w/positive valence on ‘digital immigrant’ term? or its been wholly adopted w no critical perspective re migration
  • @drkellypage: Sonia Livingstone: “What does the Internet add to everything in a childs life … the Internet can detract from creativity”
  • @rikomatic: attn folks: awesome anti-oppressive, feminist, queer blog on digital games http://borderhouseblog.com/
  • @reelchange: The most interesting session I have attended at #DML2010 – Diversifying mobiles. Fascinating work http://bit.ly/dfw5gj
  • @susana_usc: Fullerton: you can win a game once u learn those rules. The college application process is also a system with rules, it is a game.
  • @ludditeatheart: @jennamcjenna‘s AWESOME blog post just mentioned at #dml2010: Reading with Mouse in Hand http://bit.ly/4wCfwK
  • @l_e_s: Institutional priorities shape faculty research choices, especially pre-tenure. (Alexander Halavais)
  • @drkellypage: Sonia Livingston: “•2 in 3 teenagers check the reliability of what is on the Internet – leave a large majority who don’t check”
  • @annmythai: livingstone: “digital” has been used as a superficial description of what is incredibly heterogeneous
  • @annmythai: K-12 laptop programs: technology can amplify successful techniques already happening at the school
  • @lnakamur: watkins says that BET learned how to earn black kids’ respect and white kids’ dollars
  • @schock: can we apply an anti-oppression framework to game creation/game industry/game pol eco?
  • @annmythai: gamestar empowers kids to express themselves, by creating identities for players, making their point thru gameplay
  • @sophia07003: “one is preparing for higher education all the time” thoughtful quote
  • @eleeneal: Nerdfighters: Committed to doing anything awesome to reduce word suck. 🙂
  • @mlfulton: Visit nerdfighters at http://nerdfighters.ning.com/
  • @negaratduke: “Music is not in the piano, And knowledge and edification is not in the computer.” Alan Kay

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